This page will be updated as we go.

Note: Pitt provides you with free access to tutorials. These are amazing, and cover just about anything you could imagine regarding software. You want several thousand hours of Photoshop tips and tricks? You got it. Access the Lynda tutorials by going to MyPitt, and scrolling all the way down the list of resources on the right side of the page.


  • John Gruber’s Markdown intro and tutorial
  • PanDoc, for converting Markdown files into HTML, PDF, etc. Works through the command line and has helpful step-by-step instructions for installation and use.


Github tutorial: Github pages: Github pages: Version control with Git:

Kinetic Typography tutorials

Tutorial that covers type, anchor points, null objects, 3D, lights and shadow, layer masks: (moves pretty fast, but it’s clear. Thanks, Wendy, for sharing this one!) You can find project files that I made working through this tutorial in our shared Pitt Box folder, for reference. Thanks to Pentatonix for the We Are Young cover that I pulled off YouTube to work with.

Another couple of good tutorials: has a whole series teaching your kinetic typography. You can access it through MyPitt.


Other technologies to consider using for your projects

Fold, a storytelling platform by MIT.