Wendy’s Introduction

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I might only be 5’1″ but I pack a lot of spunk! I am most famous amongst my friends and family for my infamous (and super cheesy) dad jokes. I like to keep things light and find the good in … Continued

Steph’s Introduction

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I’m a pop-culture lover pursuing a degree in Media and Professional Communications with the hopes of working in PR. When I’m not in class or at work, I spend most of my time either watching TV or movies. I enjoy watching … Continued

Tiffany’s Introduction

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My name is Tiffany Joy Smith and I live up to it. I’ve been said to run on joy and happiness, not food and sleep. I’m a fairly introverted person, who once you get to know can talk about anything and … Continued

Valerie’s Introduction

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I am that shy person that will not talk to anyone or go up to anyone to start a conversation, but if you approach me, I will talk non-stop. It’s a bit puzzling but I’m not the type of person … Continued

Arielle’s Introduction

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I am a passionate writer and artist who loves fantasy stories, vegetarian meatloaf, and anything cuddly. My crazy curly hair (which frizzes in any weather) comes from my German, Eastern European, and African-American roots. Depending on my mood, I can … Continued