Marketing and Digital Media

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So the entire reason why I decided to do the digital media certificate and take this class is because I truly believe that being proficient in the media that we studied will help my career. Hopefully, come this summer I … Continued

Voice Effects in Audacity

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    Hey guys! I found this cool tutorial which walks you through some cool effects to do in Audacity! This guy is pretty funny and he goes through the effects step by step so it is easy to understand. … Continued

Appleton Website

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My website is an overview of three of my favorite Pittsburgh coffee shops! I outlined some highlights for each shop and also listed where you can find them! Link:   Prof. Vee- My cover letter is shared with you through … Continued

Photoshop Contour

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Hi guys! I thought this was a really cool and relevant photoshop tutorial! Since contouring is the latest trend in makeup this tutorial can show you how to get the same effects on a photo using PS! I’m especially interested … Continued

Fair Use- Appleton

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Hello! Here is the link to my Fair Use repository:


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I wanted to share this remix because it was the first one I had ever heard and I really liked all the different songs used. The Super Mash Bros album is great and they use a lot of songs from … Continued

Olivia’s Introduction

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Hi everyone!! My name is Olivia and I am a senior studying media and professional communications. I am also getting a digital media certificate through CGS. I am from Pittsburgh and I absolutely love it here so if all goes … Continued