Click Bait

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Due to the omnipresence of the Internet, a debate has surfaced concerning the validity and authenticity of news sources. It is no longer the case that we just obtain information from our major news outlets (mainly those on TV). We … Continued

Knowing How To Use New Media

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Coming into this class I thought I was well prepared for the website assignment as this past summer I learned how to go in and edit sites for Penn Medicine. However, I quickly learned that editing and creating websites require … Continued

Tech Tomorrow, Tech Today

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If you constantly watch TV shows and movies, like me, then you might have noticed the sudden surge of cautionary tales concerning technology like Westworld, Black Mirror, Mr. Robot, and the upcoming film The Circle. Sure we have had disaster-ridden … Continued

Movie Genre Remix

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I enjoy watching movies but among my favorites are ones like “Cabin in the Woods” and “Deadpool.” Both take a familiar/hackneyed genre and break its norms. In “Cabin in the Woods” the main characters are forced into stereotypical roles. The movie … Continued

Eric’s Introduction

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I am a senior majoring in nonfiction writing with a minor in political science. I actually did not have a lot of experience with digital media until this summer when I interned with Penn Medicine. Before which, my social media … Continued