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For my final blog post, I wanted to post something that was relevant to what I learned in this class and my future career. I found this link that describes good examples of CSS use: For all 28 of the examples, it explains what makes them interesting from an artistic standpoint. This allowed me to look at web design from a different angle than the usual engineering perspective.

One thing I noticed was the heavy use of sans-serif fonts. Only one of the fonts used in the list had serifs. Sans serif-fonts give a cleaner, simpler look. Also, most of the web pages used very simple color schemes. For example, MoreSleep used red text with a dark grey scale background, and A&W made everything on their page root beer colored. For my revised website, I used a sans-serif font. I didn’t really use a color scheme, though, other than the plain default grey scale.

Most of the webpages that were features also utilized white space well. Envoy might be my favorite example of this. They include only exactly what is needed for the front page and include a lot of empty space to prevent the page from looking cluttered. The page doesn’t look too empty, though, because the content is placed strategically. I tried to employ this tactic in my revised webpage by adding additional spacing between the pictures and the text.

My favorite example in the list is probably This website is for a project management tool. The color scheme is really simple and easy to look at, and all the images (aside from the screenshots) are a single color. Although the product itself isn’t incredibly exciting, the text is incredibly easy to read. Overall, this site does a great job of showcasing the product.

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