Animation allstars

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For anyone still lingering on the blog, check out this awesome work with kinetic typography!

Tiffany’s Prodigy of Society (on a spoken word piece written by Christian Thomas): great use of images to illustrate the words, and stick around for the animated pics of Tiffany and Christian!

Sydney’s Phenomenal Woman (the poem by and read by Maya Angelou): check out the awesome work with vector graphics!

Rikki’s Stars Falling Down (song by Kina Grannis): wow, the perfect star animations! And the cutest rocket ever.

Chris F’s clip from Toy Story and Somewhere Over the Rainbow (song by the Blanks): I love the oooooos in the Somewhere song and the You are a Toy line delivered by Woody.

Maya’s Low Life (song by ThatPoppy): whoa the 1980s neon effect!

And special holiday editions!

Check out Steph’s amazing made-from-scratch animated Christmas lights!! 

And Tyler’s You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch (from the Grinch that Stole Christmas): great use of paths, and check out the grinch playing trumpet!




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