Reflecting on the Course

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Coming into this class, I was extremely excited to learn more about digital media creation. I expected we’d would be working across multiple mediums, but one thing I did not expect was the amount of work I would have to do. I also did not expect to get just as much out of it as I put into it. I don’t know about you, but this is a thing that I rarely feel happens in most of my college courses. Perhaps this is just because I have developed a strong interest for media projects and find that taking the time to learn about them has benefited me in a much more applicable way.

To me, the most challenging and time consuming part of this class was definitely the Animation unit. In class when Prof Vee showed us some examples, she warned that our attempts probably would not look half as decent and that it would take a long time to get even the 1:30min of animated text. Even with this warning, I still did not expect so much tedious work. Not only was the program confusing to learn, but the process of applying each animation or effect to a string of words layer by layer was exhausting. Especially considering our problem with Adobe, ugh. However, I did find that through the sweat and tears of it all, it was incredibly rewarding to see it all come together nicely in the end.

One thing I appreciated greatly about this course was the variety of knowledge I gained. I really developed a love for composing in digital media, especially aspects of design and aesthetics. Reflecting on the quality of my projects, I would probably say that my best work was done in the HTML/CSS unit and the animation unit even though they were both incredibly challenging.

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