Neon Text Gif with Photoshop

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Here’s a list of pictures that I used for this tutorial:


  1. Make a new canvas. Here, I’m using 500*200 px for dimensions.
  2. Resize the texture image and drag it into the canvas.
  3. Enter some text, and place it where you want it to be.
  4. Double click on the text layer to give some effects to it. Color overlay-choose some light color.
  5. Outer glow-choose a color that is brighter than your overlay color. Set blend mode to normal, opacity to 100%. Change the spread and the size however you like.
  6. Drop shadow-choose a color that is similar to your background. Change the blend mode, opacity, angle, distance, spread, and size to what I did in the picture. You can also experiment around and do whatever you like.
  7. Layer-rasterize-type. This layer should no longer be a text later.
  8. Ctrl+click on the layer.
  9. Select-modify-contract-set size to 2. This might vary with different fonts, so adjust the size according to the font that you used.
  10. Press delete. 
  11. If you have other words, repeat the same steps.
  12. Window-timeline.
  13. Make a new frame, and adjust the opacity of “digital media” to about 20%.
  14. Set the time to 0.2 sec, and change the frequency to forever.
  15. File-export-save for web.

Here’s the final product:


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