Marketing and Digital Media

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So the entire reason why I decided to do the digital media certificate and take this class is because I truly believe that being proficient in the media that we studied will help my career. Hopefully, come this summer I will have a job in the marketing, advertisement, or social media field. These fields are almost entirely dependent on digital media in one way or another. With the skills I have learned in this class, I now know the underlying structure of websites, how to edit photos, use After Effects, and understand how to edit audio. All of these beginner skills alone will allow me to understand more about the digital media side of a company.


I found a really cool article that speaks about this for the marketing field. It’s really gratifying to see that all of the hard work we have done this semester can carry over to a potential career.

I think that with the the skill set that we have gained in this class, we can all confidently say that we know the importance and usefulness of digital media.

Another article I found that was interesting explained the pros of digital marketing opposed to traditional. I think the best point in this article is the fact that you can track things better. A marketing plan can be so much more effective when you get real time feedback. There is also open communication online that is something that you just couldn’t get without connecting digitally. Remember when we learned about the first digital communication ever? It’s amazing how far we’ve come!

Check these articles out if you’re interested in Marketing! Even if you’re not they are still really informative and really pertain to most businesses.


Thanks for a great class guys!!


-Liv 🙂

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