Digital Media as a Whole

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I am very grateful that I got the opportunity to be in this class. It allowed me to express a creative side that I forgot I had. This class reminded me to be patient. I struggled a lot with PhotoShop and AfterEffects, but I enjoyed pushing the envelope. I forgot that creativity takes a lot of work. You cannot just sit down and do creative work in one sitting. It takes brain storming and lots of practice. I wish I had taken that mindset into my projects, so I could have produced much more quality work.
I have a lot of work to do with the programs we worked with, but I am grateful to have experienced them. I do not think that I ever would have chosen to learn AfterEffects or Photoshop on my own, but now I have a whole new realm of opportunity. I enjoyed working with HTML and CSS the most. I think that it is the closest related to coding. I get to combine coding and creativity. My dad is a computer scientist and my mom is a graphic designer, so I think web design is right about where I am supposed to be.
I do not know if that is exactly what I will do, but it sparked my interested in adding an aspect of design to my education. In my computer science class, we had a guest lecturer who came in and talked to us about automation. He taught himself html and Jquery and Javacript in order to make the company he works for have a cohesive way of filing their information. It is innovative and sounds interesting.
I did a lot of self-teaching during this semester for this class, but it showed me what I was actually interested in learning. I could sit on my laptop and work for hours on end without realizing how long it had been. Other classes were very tedious to me. I think that is a good indicator of what I enjoy. I think getting a degree in computer science will only enhance my HTML and/or design choice.

This thread has a lot of interesting perspectives about incorporating computer science with design.

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