Click Bait

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Due to the omnipresence of the Internet, a debate has surfaced concerning the validity and authenticity of news sources. It is no longer the case that we just obtain information from our major news outlets (mainly those on TV). We are now inundated with opinion pieces on social media and take them as the TRUTH. This has become a bigger issue as it then transitions into a debate of when is something true: when a large group or enough people believe something to be true then in a sense it is a shared perspective of reality. Therefore, those major news outlets like CNN, NBC, and Fox are in the right (although not productive in correcting the misconception) to appropriate time to cover these quasi-news sources further perpetuating that there is at least some actual truth to an opinion.

In this class we have learned to compose digital media. This means that as we create content for the Internet, we must take on the onus of differentiating fact from opinion, and carry forth with the necessary skepticism to discern legitimate information. Here is a CNN article that covers Clinton’s comments following the fake pizza incident.

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